Goa - Beach Paradise

Goa - Beach Paradise

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Here’s a secret you MUST know – You don’t need to plan anything before setting foot in GOA!

January – The time of the year when your facebook timeline is full of ‘happily married’ posts andGoa is buzzing with honeymoon couples. The party definitely is at a high when young blood from all over the country comes to celebrate togetherness and love.

February – The overhyped month of love followed by the not so hyped but deserving Goa Carnaval. It’s the right time to have a runaway vacation with the love of your life while dancing to the tunes of ‘Maria Maria.. Senorita Maria’. This month must boast of the highest amount of consumption of alcohol by locals in Goa!

March – It’s the end of the financial year and the start to a new beginning! March is the best month to get your car out of the garage and hit the roads with your friends, singing ‘Sooraj dooba hai yaaro..do ghut nashe ke maaro..raste bula do saare sansaar ke’ all the way to Goa. A vacation to Goa without friends is not a vacation at all. You know what I mean here 😉

April – Goa does not have a low profile even in the off season, the time just before the sun starts losing control. This season the sun makes love to the sea religiously staying up late. But that gives us a longer day and more number of beers to gulp down! What’s better than having a genuine reason to drink Beer in place of water?

May – The most awaited summer vacations are here and enthusiastic adventurers are dying to indulge into thrilling adventure sports. May is when adrenaline is at its highest with all the water sports getting all the attention. Get high and fly high!

June – Goa has always been a popular choice for family vacations and that’s when Goa is at its craziest best! There has definitely been that one time in life when you visited Goa with your family and that was probably your first visit as a kid. Be it with family, friends or your partner, Goa dresses itself according to your moods. Agree?

July – Few have been lucky enough to witness the charms of a wet Goa. Celebrations to welcome the rain are galore this season with the locals having the time of their life. People don’t visit Goa much this time of the year because of obvious reasons (which are absurd) but trust me a place is at its charming best during rains! Wet is always good 😉

August – If you are looking for an exotic monsoon trip, away from the city’s hustle bustle, Goa will flash for you its real beauty! Next month onwards the peak season starts and it’s best to visit Goa when you can grab the most of it. August is a time to get intimate with Goa!

September – The peak season is just about to kick start and last minute Goa plans are the most successful this time of the year. There must have been a lot of times when you planned a Goa trip a day or two in advance! These trips supposedly turn out to be the best of all because of the uber enthusiasm of doing things at random.

October – This is the month of long weekends considering the varied amount of festivals our country celebrates. Thanks to all the gods and goddesses for giving us time to breathe and restore ourselves in the name of festivals.

November – Is this bachelorette time? Pre wedding parties are popular this time of the year. It’s a privilege to celebrate yours or your friend’s bachelorette in Goa. If not anybody’s, just land in Goa in November and get yourself invited to one of those crazy wild parties that would definitely stay with you for a lifetime!

December – Where else would you want to celebrate Christmas and New Years if not Goa? And what’s more? SUNBURN! Aren’t these reasons enough to visit Goa in the month of December? It’s the time of the year when Goa turns into a world of its own celebrating varied nationalities and cultures.

What Vegas is to US, Goa is to India!

After all these reasons if you still haven’t been to Goa, you are missing out on something huge! Pack your bags NOW!

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